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News Archive

Automatic Timezone Converters Tues. July 7, 2009

Hi all,

I'd like to announce a very special feature to RuneTrack - the Automatic Timezone Converter!

It's common that whenever people post about RuneScape events on a forum, there are inevitably many replies asking for help with figuring out the event's time in their local timezone. Timezone conversions can be rather troublesome, sometimes people even miss events simply because they got the time conversion wrong.

So, what if there was some way for you to post the time of an event, and have that time magically always appear in the local time of whoever viewed it? I'm pleased to say that with the Automatic Timezone Converter image, this is now a possibility!

Note: Sample image is scaled down due to the size of the announcement box - the real thing is much clearer.

As a quick example, say you had an online event planned for the exact moment of midnight on New Year's Eve in New York City. You would simply create a timezone converter such as the one above, and whoever views it will have Midnight on January 1, 2010 converted to their local timezone.

As you can see, the image lists the event's name and its set time according to the event creator. However below that, you will additionally see the time in your local timezone, your location, and the amount of time remaining. The image works by s by matching the viewer's IP address to a geographical location, then converting the set event time to the local time off that location.

So instead of bothering with listing multiple timezones for an event and hoping people will get their own conversions right, you are able to avoid all of the confusion and simply place this image in your post. It acts like a normal image, just like the stat signatures, so it can be placed easily in forum/blog posts or anywhere you need it.

Feel try to try it out and end timezone confusion forever!

Feel free to comment on or discuss this update at its forum topic.

Clan Competition Signatures Tues. June 30, 2009

Hey all,

I'm happy to announce a new Dynamic Signature has been added - Competition Signatures!

Competition signatures were designed for the sole purpose of dynamically tracking your progress while participating in a RuneTrack Clan Competition, allowing to quickly glance at your progress in the handy form of an image signature. Below is an example of a competition signature:

Additionally, a new column has been added to all RuneTrack Competition Trackers at the right side of the competition ranking table, providing a quick link to each player's own personalized competition signature. The competition signatures can be customized with any of the traditional signature background styles.

Thanks to StSquiggy who originally suggested competition signatures on the RuneTrack forums.

I hope you all enjoy these new signatures and the continued Clan Tracking updates still to come.

Feel free to comment on or discuss this update at its forum topic.

RuneTrack Forums Online Wed. June 17, 2009

Hello all,

Although they've been up for about a week now, just thought I'd take a moment to announce here that RuneTrack now has its own official forum!

Essentially the forums have been added to allow you to give feedback/suggestions on how the site can be improved, as well as an area for me to share some sneak-peaks of upcoming updates. Feel free to visit the RuneTrack forums by clicking the "Forums" link in the Main section of the left navigation menu.

Feel free to comment on or discuss this update at its forum topic.

Clan Competition Tracking Mon. June 1, 2009

Today I'd like to announce a new and special section of the RuneTrack website - Clan Tracking!

The Clan Tracking section is focused on providing clans with a unique and efficient way of displaying their members' experience gains. The first Clan Tracking project to be introduced is a Clan Competition Tracker. Clans will often host xp gaining competitions, but are always left with the troublesome task of manually recording and calculating experience gains among their members.

With the ability of setting customized competition tracking times, displaying interesting statistics such as cumulative/average clan xp gained, and allowing live xp updates, RuneTrack's clan competition trackers leave clan members free to enjoy the competition without constantly crunching the xp gain numbers manually.

Simply click "View Clan Competitions" on the left menu to explore its features on an already created sample competition tracker.

I hope this new feature proves useful for clans. Be on the lookout for more Clan Tracking projects in development! :)

Feel free to comment on or discuss this update at its forum topic.

New IP Address Viewing Requirements Sat. May 9, 2009

Hi all,

It's been an amazing opening month for RuneTrack with currently over 500 accounts created! RuneTrack's user activity has risen so dramatically over the past week, that I've decided to initiate a new account creation system to keep up with the demand.

New accounts will still be created the same way, by clicking on the "User Profile" menu and submitting your name into the database, or by inputting your name into the top right "viewing statistics" field if you are viewing another player's profile. However, to prevent someone from simply entering a very long list of names, there will be a new requirement to view User Profiles.

In order for someone to view their User Profile, their RuneTrack signature (either stat or goal) must accumulate at least 10 unique views. A User Profile will be locked until that player has accumulated 10 unique views on their RuneTrack signature. Each unique IP address to view your RuneTrack signature counts as a view.

These 10 unique views can be from any website, so the easiest way to accomplish this would probably be to just place your RuneTrack signature in your forum signature on a clan/fansite for a day. There are many RuneTrack signatures with thousands of views, so getting 10 should be a very quick and easy task. Once you get the 10 required unique views, you are of course free to remove the signature.

If you get a message on your User Profile saying you don't have enough signature views, simply click "Dynamic Signatures" on the left navigation menu to create one to earn the required views.

Feel free to comment on or discuss this update at its forum topic.

Welcome! RuneTrack's Official Launch Sat. Apr 18, 2009

Hello and welcome to the official launch!

With features unique to this website, common questions such as...
  • How much xp did I gain today/this week/this month?
  • What are my best all time xp gain records?
  • What is the average amount of xp I gain on a given weekday or month?
  • How do my xp gain records compare with other RuneTrack members?
... and many more can be answered quickly and efficiently.

On the left side of your screen you will see a menu that allows you to navigate through the many different features and applications on this site. RuneTrack stat tracking is broken down into 3 different categories:

Dynamic Signatures - Offers dynamic stat and goal signatures with a wide selection of backgrounds, and even allows you to upload your own signature background or pose image if you wish.

Individual Tracking - Once you enter your username into the RuneTrack database, it automatically sets up your own User Profile and records a daily snapshot of your RuneScape stats. View an assortment of tracking statistics for your xp, level, and rank gains, pinpoint exact xp change data for any previous day, view graphs displaying your average xp gains in any skill, and much more. Click Here to view an example of a member's User Profile.

Global Tracking - Want to know how you stack up against other members on this site? View the Top Daily High Scores for a look at who's been gaining the most xp in any given skill, or see if you can gain a spot on the All Time Records leaderboard.

As this website is brand new, there are many projects in development that will be released at a later time. However, for now, I hope that you will enjoy and benefit from the many current available features.

Feel free to comment on or discuss this update at its forum topic.

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