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Top Daily RuneTrack High Scores
Hunter Hunter - March 29, 2012
RT Rank Name XP Gained
    Hunter   1 6m 1,426,156
    Hunter   2 Elias 1,121,103
    Hunter   3 Red Reprisal 889,605
    Hunter   4 Cletenn 855,745
    Hunter   5 The Designer 810,425
    Hunter   6 T Escapes H 755,129
    Hunter   7 Upset Jsp 684,452
    Hunter   8 V Tyler V 610,912
    Hunter   9 Iwo Jima 568,330
    Hunter   10 X Danlock X 521,325
    Hunter   11 Darkest Syde 505,855
    Hunter   12 Maxing Total 487,900
    Hunter   13 Abstergo 480,881
    Hunter   14 Mental Harm 413,100
    Hunter   15 Bidumm 385,350
    Hunter   16 Bogaloga 384,434
    Hunter   17 X Hypetalk X 381,706
    Hunter   18 Whiggsy 373,701
    Hunter   19 The Sage53 367,290
    Hunter   20 Dream Lov3r 357,060
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